Actuator w491-0521
  • Actuator w491-0521

Actuator w491-0521


Actuator w491-0521 works as damper valve driver in INROW ACRC 602P cooler. It can disconnect, connect, and control the floating point. Its working voltage range is between 120 and 230 VAC. Some features of W491-0521 actuator are as following: brushless DC motor - no wear and failure, constant running time, independent of load, constant torque in the entire operating range, synchronized parallel operation, very silent operation, 100% self-locking. The maximum rotation angle of W491-0521 actuator is 95 degree.  It rotates 90 degree in 30 seconds, and its torque is 15 and 20 Nm. The degree of protection of W491-0521 actuator is IP 55. The direction of rotation of actuator is clockwise and counterclockwise. It is one of the important spare parts of Schneider coolers in data centers.


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