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HOP5710-54TX switch has 48 ports with 1G capacity and 6 ports with 10G capacity. The switch is manufactured by HOUPER Company. It is one of HOP5710 series switches. With unique performance and high capacity, the switch can properly play the role of routing and switching in your network. This series of switches has an extremely powerful and low-power processor and provides you with a secure connection to the network. It has a redundant power and hot blog and has very low power consumption.

The HOP5750-30TP switch has 24 POE ports with 2.5G of capacity and 6 ports with 10G of capacity. The switch is manufactured by HOUPER Company. It is one of HOP5750 series switches. This model of switch allows you to connect up to 2.5 Gig POE in each port. It is a wonderful switch which provides you with an uninterrupted network. It has a very low power consumption and very high performance. It can support all kinds of network protocols. Remote switch configuration and management is one of its features.

The HOP6862-54XC switch has 48 ports with 10G of capacity, 2 ports with 40G of capacity, and 4 ports with 100G of capacity. The switch is made by HOUPER Company. It is one of the HOP6862 series core layer switches. It is an extraordinary equipment that provides the possibility of communication up to 1.92T switching capacity to respond to special applications such as data centers and large organizations. It is a layer 3 switch that supports all types of routing and switching protocols. The modular design of the device helps you to make this device homogeneous and compatible with your network. 

The HOP6865-56YC switch has 48 ports with 25G of capacity and 8 ports with 100G of capacity. The switch is made by HOUPER Company. It is one of the HOP6865 series core switches. 4T switching capacity for large networks makes it possible to meet the requirements of extremely high bandwidth usage for special applications. The support of rich service features, L2, L3, MPLS, VxLAN, OAM/APS and security features and the modular design of the device in choosing the number of fans and power convince any network manager to use this wonderful equipment in their core network. 

The HOP5863-24X2c switch has 24 ports with 10G of capacity and 2 ports with 100G of capacity. The switch is made by HOUPER Company. It is one of the HOP5863 series core switches. It is a wonderful equipment that helps you manage large networks as much as possible.  Support for elastic cumulative performance to achieve integrated management, upgrade and maintenance of several devices is a special service of this equipment. Redundancy in power and fan allows you to create an uninterrupted network. By placing this switch in the core layer of the network, you can manage your network with high security, performance, and easy configuration.

Houper 6-port switch HOP3412S125-1TP model is a powerful fanless industrial switch that has 4 gigabit Ethernet ports and 2 gigabit ports with fiber optic SFP module. This industrial switch is a suitable choice for all kinds of industrial networks outside buildings at harsh places. It is ideal for SCADA infrastructures, railway industries for signaling, oil and gas transmission lines, factories and mines, camera infrastructure, protection and security systems, wireless communications, and any network port needed in an industrial environment. By supporting POE / POE+ / POE++ infrastructure technology, the switch provides stable and reliable power up to 90W per port for IOT devices.

Houper HOUF-1GS fiber optic modem is equipped with XPON and GPON/EPON technology for FTTH. It allows you to connect to fiber optic networks. This high-quality and cheap modem has 1 Gigabit Ethernet port. It is produced for use in administrative centers, businesses, organizations, and institutions that require cable network communication, and wireless modem interference occurs; or connection to a wireless modem for all users or a router for Internet subscription is suitable for all switches and infrastructures. Houper HOUF-1GS fiber optic modem supports standard image, voice and data protocols. 

HOUF-1296W XPON fiber optic modem for FTTH networks is a fully intelligent device with capabilities such as 4GE+1VOIP+WIFI6(AX3000)+1USB+CATV. The HOUF-1296W smart home gateway is an important integrated access modem for the new generation smart home network and fiber optic smart access solution. It is a home terminal product that integrates PON, VoIP and high-speed WiFi6. It can be used as a multi-service access and control center at home. It offers high-speed internet, voice calling and WIFI services to users. This fantastic fiber optic modem supports most smart functions for data, voice, video and network.

Houper HOUF-1299W smart ONT modem has XGPON technology with 2.5 GB uplink and 10 GB download capability on a fiber optic to connect to OLT. With support for wireless generation 6 and 5 dB power on MIMO antennas, a 2.5 GB port, 3 1 GB ports, a VOIP phone port with very advanced settings, this is one of the extraordinary smart modems at the international level. The power of 5 dB antennas and MU-MIMO antennas in two bands of 2.4 and 5 GHz and unique wireless and VOIP have made this modem a fantastic device.

Huawei SmartAX MA5800 X2 OLT is the industry’s first distributed architecture intelligent aggregation OLT platform, positioned as the next-generation OLT for NG-PON. The MA5800-X2 has three characteristics of ultra-wideband, full convergence, and intelligence to meet the needs of the development of ultra-wideband networks that are wider, faster, and smarter, and to provide users with a better business connection experience. Help customers build a “broader, faster, smarter” access network to provide a better business experience.Huawei MA5800 X2 is a next generation, 40G capacity Optical line Terminal (OLT).

ZXA10 C680 is 60S high optical access equipment, which has industry&aposs highest 36 linecard slots and provide 576 GPON/10G PON ports. It meets the full-scenario access needs of ultra- high bandwidth, big video, FMC andnetwork re -architecture, as well as carrier-class QoS and security. This olt has the State-of-the-art architecture meets future requirements such as the highest integration of line cards, the industry’s highest level of switching capacity and slot bandwidth. In addition, it is fully compatible with multiple generations of PON and multiple technology directions, supporting Netconf/YANG, migrate to SDN smoothly, built- in blade as NFVI for experience -sensitive services, and Combo PON, industry’s first 3-in-1

System 7001(RC)-Slave time server is a modular system that is produced in 3 units. It has a keyboard and a wide screen, and it is used in the mater clock system for time synchronization. This system has master/slave capability and supports wide protocols such as IRIG-B, NTP, PTP and DCF77. With additional NTP module, this master clock becomes an accurate time server for computer networks. It supports a maximum of 14 slots.