Lendoux International Store

Fast and cost-effective supply of equipment and technologies needed in the telecommunication, telecom, medicine, agriculture, factories, production lines, petrochemical refineries, railway and monorail lines, ports and maritime, aviation and construction industries is one of the goals of the Lendoux international store.

Lendoux store has facilitated the supply of equipment by establishing regional offices in the North, West and South international hubs, as well as offices in East Asia. We have also established a business center in the heart of Europe and America.

By receiving the requests from customers and, the customer relations department of Lendoux Group checks them. The items are sent to the relevant home or international departments, and the price offer is presented to the customers in the shortest possible time.

The approximate time of transportation, clearance and delivery to the customer will be from 12 days to 45 days, based on the customs laws and other permits of the relevant departments.

Unlike other suppliers and other stores, Lendoux International Store has provided additional engineering services, including supply consulting, commissioning consulting, warranty and product maintenance. The engineering and support services of Lendoux have solved many problems of employers.

In addition, our group represents a number of brands in the CIS region, the Middle East and Africa, and supplies various equipment to customers in the Caucasus, Arabia, North Africa and East Asia.