Service Steps

Step 1

Select a product from the store

If you choose a product from the store, or request a specific product, you must send your request officially.

Step 2

Submit quotation

Select a product and send price request on the website (fill in the product order form) or send product specifications to WhatsApp or company email

Step 3

Receive price and invoice

The proforma will be sent within 24-48 hours after receiving the request for the goods available on the website. For new items, the proforma invoice is sent to the customer within one working week.

Step 4

Confirmation & procurement request

If the proforma invoice is approved, the request for the supply is announced by the customer through one of the communication lines such as WhatsApp, e-mail, website forms, through inserting the proforma invoice number and its image.

Step 5


The payment is made by the customer according to the proforma invoice. The customer sends the receipt to us  through one of the communication channels (WhatsApp, email, website forms).

Step 6

International trade procedures and clearance

The steps to purchase overseas products, transportation, and clearance are carried out according to standard procedures. and the goods are safely transferred to our head office.

Step 7

Delivery and settlement

The product is delivered to the customer in a safe form. The settlement forms are completed and the order is closed.