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Time server

The 8100 product series are modular time reference systems supporting the Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) GPS, Galileo, GLONASS, and BeiDou for precise and reliable time synchronization at highly competitive pricing which is especially well suited for critical infrastructure applications The 8100 product series time reference systems have been designed for synchrophasor and substation applications with high requirements in terms of flexibility, availability and the support of a wide variety of time synchronization standards. The modular system design features easy spare part management and minimum mean time to repair (MTTR) with all parts / extension boards supporting hot-plug capability. 

The antenna is placed in a round and waterproof plastic housing. The body cover is arched, to prevent any rainwater, snow or other impurities penetrating inside the antenna. The mechanical structure is made of solid, anodized, and cast aluminum. It is designed to withstand strong winds. In addition, special thermal elements are used inside it, for automatic melting of ice and snow. The active antenna gets its amplification power through the coaxial cable and the time server itself. It has the ability to amplify weak signals, and remove unwanted noise. It is one of the best antennas for time servers in the world.

Germany Hopf 4496 product series are lightening arrester devices for coaxial cable and high frequency antennas of hopf time servers, which support Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS), GPS, Galileo, GLONASS and BeiDou, to provide a synchronized, accurate, and reliable time. The 4496 product series protectors are designed to protect GNSS time servers. They support Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) GPS, Galileo, GLONASS and BeiDou against lightning, and unwanted events. They form the first level of protection for sensitive equipment and can be divided multiple times. The German lightning arrester 4496 is waterproof and equipped with replaceable gas discharge tubes (GDT).

German Hopf LSZH cables have very advanced technology in the type, and assembly of connectors on the cables. This has reduced cable losses, and increased its efficiency. With German Hopf time server cables, you can easily see all kinds of GNSS satellites with high gains from a distance of 20 to 200 meters, and provide accurate timing for equipment through Hopf time servers. LSZH Time Server coaxial cable has high working pressure and stable performance at high frequencies. In addition, the cable prevents the interference of electromagnetic waves and noise. It works continuously and uninterruptedly to connect time server equipment.

The Timeserver 8030NTS/GPS can be installed on DIN rail. It is designed to be compact, space-saving, highly accurate, and maintenance-free. It is hopf 8030NTS/GPS network time server. You can install up to 2 isolated network time server modules and up to 4 Ethernet interfaces on it. You can install the 8030NTS/GPS network time server on a DIN rail. It is the ideal solution that ensures enhanced security for critical and even demanding business applications! The device supports many protocols and interfaces such as IRIG-B, fiber optic interface, DCF77 and cyclic pulses.

Din rail time server module DIN 8024GPS for mounting on the electrical DIN rail is the perfect flexible solution for time synchronization via GPS.  This time server has a wide development capability based on customer needs in various projects. Hence, the necessary options are installed and programmed on the buyer\'s request at the time of production. Among others, we can point out to the IRIG-B and DCF77 modules, cyclic pulses, optical fiber outputs, etc. It is a small and very flexible time server for various users. Customers choose the time server when they must use a modular system. However, they will need a certain number of modular system protocols forever.

System 7001(RC)-Slave time server is a modular system that is produced in 3 units. It has a keyboard and a wide screen, and it is used in the mater clock system for time synchronization. This system has master/slave capability and supports wide protocols such as IRIG-B, NTP, PTP and DCF77. With additional NTP module, this master clock becomes an accurate time server for computer networks. It supports a maximum of 14 slots.

System 6844 (RC) is a semi-modular with integrated GPS receiver. It is designed in different sizes from 1 to 3 units. It is designed to be installed inside the rack. This time server has a wide screen and keyboard. It has two independent serial interfaces COM0/COM1. It has also a built-in IRIG-B protocol. Extensive development capabilities such as NTP modules for network ports are among the capabilities of this semi-modular time server. It is also possible to develop and increase ports and protocols on this time server based on the customer\'s request.

Indirect Lightning Protection DCF77 4441 / 4444 of Hopf Time Server: When using outdoor antennas, the antenna cables may encounter high interference voltage caused by lightning. This may destroy not only directly connected radio controlled clock systems but also other connected devices. An indirect lightning arrester should be connected between the outdoor antenna and the radio controlled clock to avoid high costs and subsequent damage. It is necessary to short circuit all the lines with excessive voltage, so that the overvoltage is reduced as quickly as possible. After the interference is over, the device must return back to its previous settings. Hopf indirect lightning protection is a combination of different components.

German Hopf Time Server GPS Amplifier 6849 is manufactured in an anti-HF housing with integral plate. So, it is easy to fix the device to the wall. The amplifier 6849 supplies the line amplifier voltage through the antenna cable by the BNC connector of the hopf GPS system. The amplifier is used when the length of the antenna cable is more than 100 meters, or when the received signal of antenna is very weak. Generally, the amplifier is used to increase the length of the Time Server antenna cable. The manufacturing technology of this amplifier is complex, and it has ideal technical features.

The highly flexible time server 8030HEPTA is ideal for anyone looking for a space- and budget-saving solution with multiple configuration and plug-in options. The server could be equipped in the factory with any required protocol and interface, on the customer\'s request. Time server 8030 Hepta has 1 unit and it is rack mount. It supports 2 NTP Ethernet interfaces, IRIG-B protocol, DCF77, cyclic pulses, PRP and PTP, etc. Multiple power sources and various hardware interfaces in this time server have turned it into a competitive, stable, durable and reliable product.

Switch-Box - System 5000 was designed and developed to operate redundant clock systems in "hot standby function with automatic status-dependent signal switchover" mode of operation. The system 5000 is used when the most urgent demands are presented on the availability of a master clock system. The German Hopf system 5000 ensures that the output signal is given to the customer program with little error through the clock system. This system detects the error-dependent signal change between the primary system and its redundant system by monitoring the state of the respective clock system