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pCO5+ Programmable controller one response to the multiple current and future demands of the HVAC/R market.pCO5+ comes in 10 different sizes, guaranteeing an excellent solution for all HVAC/R applications.

EVD4 is an evolved PID controller complete with driver for stepper motors specially designed for the management of electronic expansion valves in refrigerant circuits. It features sophisticated control functions 

and can be used in many operating configurations in refrigeration and air-conditioning systems, such as:

- PID control of superheat with protection and safety compensation functions;

- PID control on one measurement (pressure or temperature);

- positioner for electronic expansion valves controlled by 4 to 20 mA or 0 to 10 Volt signal. 

The device is configured and the address set via serial interface and the user interface software is stored in non-volatile memory.

This electric current is measured by a current transformer: by varying the level of water using a fill solenoid valve and due to the evaporation process, the current, and consequently steam production, can be modulated. Due to evaporation, the level of water decreases and must therefore be topped up. As the steam produced does not carry mineral salts, the salt concentration in the water and therefore the conductivity increases, and has to be periodically diluted by draining part of it using the drain pump and replacing it with new water.

The CAREL DPW* series serial probes are devices used for applications in the air-conditioning, refrigeration, heating and air handling sectors. These are installed in combination with the controllers that feature the serial connection. As well as the wall-mounted room probes, industrial and duct versions are also available.

The German EBM brand fan is a three-phase fan with a very smooth and high performance with part number R3G400-AK53-05. The German EBM brand fan with part number R3G400-AK53-05 has a Motor M3G112-EA, which operates in three phases with a nominal voltage of 400 VAC. The nominal voltage range for this product is between 380 and 480 VAC and its frequency is 50/60 Hz. The motor speed (rpm) is equal to 1880 round per minute and the produced air flow is 3505 cubic meters per hour (m³/h).

The German EBM fan with part number 2218F (2TDH4P) or OM9848B is a three-phase fan with very smooth and high performance. It works with direct voltage (DC) and nominal voltage of 48 volts. Its nominal voltage range is between 36 and 72 volts. Its speed is 6500 rpm and its input power is 103 W. The minimum ambient temperature of this product is -20 °C and the maximum ambient temperature is 65 °C. The air flow is 1220 m3/h, and the sound power level is 8.2 dB. Its sound pressure level is 72 dB. One of its applications is in data center cooling system and in Schneider\'s 30 cm inrows called INROW ACRC301. It is one of the important spare parts of large data centers for inrows. Its L10 service life is 70,000 hours at 40 °C.

This is a fan with RH56V-Zik Part Number and an EC motor technology engine that operates in three phases of alternating current with a voltage of 380-480 volts. The rated voltage of UN is 3 ~ 380-480 volts and the FN\'s rated frequency is 60.50 Hz. The PSYS input power is 2.60 kW and the rated flow current is between 4.20 and 3.40 amps. The nN\'s rated speed is 1410 rpm. The thermal class of motor is thcl155, and the ambient temperature of the TR is at -15 ° C, and the maximum ambient temperature of the TR in the NMAX is 60 ° C. The electric connection is integrated to the controller, and its protection class is IP54.

The German STEGO heater has a heater with a small body and an internal fan, with part number CSL028. Using a PTC heating element, it prevents the formation of moisture inside electrical and control cabinets with high component density. Its touch-safe plastic case ensures the safety of users by providing heat protection. This product is widely used in instrument control boards, electronic and electrical equipment and systems, as well as data center cooling system boards. It is one of the widely used spare parts of Schneider brand datacenter cooling systems, including chillers.

Fan control board 641-0868 is used in INROW ACRC301S cooler. It controls the 2218 F/2TDH40R fan, which is a 48 volt fan with a power of 102 watts, and a current of 2.13 amps. This practical part is responsible for controlling and monitoring the ambient temperature with an NTC resistor. If needed, the fuse cuts off in the control circuit, and removes the fan from the circuit. It is one of the important spare parts of Schneider machines in data centers.

NETIO PowerBOX 3Px is a power socket device with 3 outputs controlled over a LAN. Each output can be switched off and on over the web, the NETIO cloud service, or with a mobile app. Open API enables integration into 3rd party systems using a wide range of protocols (http JSON, Modbus/ TCP, SNMP, MQTT, Telnet, ..). Each of the three power sockets can be independently controlled from the product web interface (switched off/on or power-cycled). To switch the outputs on in a sequence, a power-up delay interval can be configured for each output.

The ClimaSys CC is a bipolar thermostat in the ClimaSys product category. This thermostat can adjust the temperature within the ranges of 0 to 60 °C in heating, cooling and ventilation systems. The temperature is displayed in Fahrenheit. The thermostat works with an input voltage of 250 volts and uses bimetal type. The type of contact and its combination is 1NO/NC (normally open and closed) and the contact resistance is 10 milliohms. The service life of this thermostat is 100,000 cycles. This thermostat is one of the most widely used equipment for activating fans in various systems and ventilating panels and devices. It is widely used in Schneider chillers in data centers. It is one of the spare parts of data center air conditioners.

THERMAL OVERLOAD RELAY parts with part number LRD22 are overload relays for Schneider TeSys LRD range contactor.  The TeSys D range contactor is designed to make a motor starter. Such overload relays can be used with TeSys D contactors with a capacity of 9 to 38 amps. Such thermal differential overload relays detect excessive currents in motor lines. When excessive current is detected, the overload relay operates with the contactor to cuts off the power to the motor. This reduces damage to engine parts. The overload relay can set the trip current in the range of 16 to 24 amps.