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Perimeter security

    Power plant fiber perimeter monitoring system is mainly composed of distributed perimeter monitoring host and detection cable.Fiber optic perimeter prevention monitoring main body mainly through the laying of a fiber optic cable on the fence, to achieve the fence through and prevent overturning the monitoring effect.When there is an intrusion through the fence or over the fence, the fiber optic cable on the fence will be deformed, so the system can immediately locate the alarm, at the same time, the video camera can carry out intelligent automatic capture of the intrusion picture, monitoring background can see the invasion picture in the first time.The system can also link the functions of sound and light alarm, video alarm and short message alarm. The system can send alarm information to the operator\'s mobile phone to truly realize "unmanned" intelligent monitoring

    The optical fiber perimeter security area protection monitoring system is mainly composed of optical fiber perimeter security monitoring host and detection optical fiber cable.Optical fiber perimeter security monitoring host can play the role of perimeter protection monitoring by laying a core of optical fiber cable in the outer protection area of railway fence.That is, when someone or an animal walks back and forth in the perimeter protection zone, it will trigger the optical fiber perimeter security exclusion zone protection monitoring system and give an alarm.