Information Non-disclosure Rules

  1. Customers are committed to the implementation of the confidentiality agreement and non-disclosure of secrets. The memorandum and all oral and written negotiations of contracts of our group and the store will be subject to confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements.
  2. All information and documents that are provided to users and customers for the purpose of the activity are considered very confidential. The parties are obliged to refrain from disclosing it. They are required to strictly observe all the rules and regulations governing the non-disclosure of information in the media, especially in security and safety issues.
  3. Users are committed to complying with the protection of information, care and maintenance of assigned documents. They must be completely careful.
  4. Unauthorized use, distribution, publication, transfer of knowledge and disclosure of technical information, details of price proposals or information and knowledge obtained from research results, is prohibited without the written permission of Lendoux Group. Users are obliged to observe this important matter.
  5. Disclosure of information is any act or omission (either intentional or unintentional) on the part of the recipient of the information (or employees, consultants, experts, etc.) that leads to the disclosure or possibility of information disclosure (in any form, whether oral In writing, whether through the original f.documents or their copies, or verbally or any kind of face-to-face or non-face-to-face training) to third parties (whether natural or legal persons).
  6. Under no circumstances should the recipient of information disclose it to third parties, unless written permission is issued by the other party.
  7. No negligence, even inadvertently, is accepted in relation to the item of non-disclosure of information. A claim will be filed according to the existing laws and through the competent international authority, and the violator will be dealt with.