Shopping Guide

We are happy that you have chosen Lendoux Group in supplying the equipment needed for your project.

In order to provide the necessary equipment, please pay attention to the following items.

1. Part number is a single code for different products. The code consists of several numbers and letters. Each company and brand chooses the codes based on the internal classification. However, the variety of brand products and the capabilities of each equipment causes the variety of part numbers. You can search and extract unique numbers in the product catalog. Telecommunication products have similar codes with different letters and numbers at the end. This creates the diversity of the products of a family. Therefore, in the first step, try to extract complete and accurate part numbers.

2. When sending the request, try to send the product catalog or its exact image.

3. Enter the exact specifications of the product according to your purchase request and the catalog.

4. Please note that after sending the price inquiry form, the price proposal process starts in the company. It may take some time, because of the response of the manufacturing companies.

5. Our international offices use all their efforts to improve accuracy and quality in providing services. So, we thank you for your patience.

6. After the proforma invoice is issued and reviewed by the customer, it will be possible to deposit the amount of the goods, according to the time specified in the proforma invoice. Expiration of the pre-invoice period means its cancellation, and if needed, you can request a pre-invoice again.

7. All communication with the store is through various methods, including the website, email, WhatsApp, order forms, etc.

8. After making the payment, send the deposit slip along with the proforma invoice to the store. Your information is carefully recorded and checked in the CRM system.

9. International bank transfers, product manufacturing time, final shipping time to customs, clearance, and delivery procedures are time-consuming. The period varies depending on the mentioned conditions from 12 to 45 days.

10. All information provided to the customer is confidential. Please don’t disclose them.