Tracking and navigation

    Intelligent 12-channel Mobile DVR integrating with DSM (driver status monitoring, fatigue/distraction/driver abnormality/smoking alarm…), ADAS (advanced driver assistance system), AVM (360° around view monitoring), 4-channel BSD (blind spot detection), GPS/Beidou positioning, SD card/hard disk storage, 4G remote real-time video monitoring, CMS platform, etc.
    It is suitable for customers who do not have their own MDVR/GPS tracker but need to monitor driver’s driving behavior and the road environment (including vehicles, lanes, pedestrians, etc.) to remind the driver through voice alarm, and monitor pedestrians and non-motor vehicles entering the blind spot. Meanwhile, they also need a platform for fleet management like alarm information query and statistics, alarm picture and video viewing, remote real-time video monitoring, etc.

    With the advancement of technology and the increase in the need for public transportation, intelligent bus navigation management systems have been proposed as an effective solution to improve the passenger experience and optimize the performance of public transportation. One of the key components of these systems is the passenger counting scenario, which allows for accurate counting and better management of the flow of passengers using sensors and advanced technologies. This system includes high-tech equipment for city bus navigation management. In this system, the equipment on the bus implements many standards and options for the urban transportation system. Implementation of advanced driver assistance system, driver condition monitoring, passenger flow statistics system at each station and based on timings and points, passenger type analysis (men, women, children, teenagers), obstacle warning radars,