List of products by brand HOUPER

Houper Company is a Canadian brand that has a wide and diverse range of products in the field of network, data center, extra low voltage systems, telecommunications, protection and security. As a Canadian brand, it has been able to gain a big part of the market with its quality products, and very strong engineering, as well as excellent support services.

Provision of Houper services to customers is generally exclusive, and in the form of cost-effective packages. In addition, Houper provides excellent consulting services for the infrastructure needed by the projects.

Houper products have gained a special place in the market, thanks to their variety, the ability to integrate with all kinds of protocols, and the use high-quality and powerful hardware. The range of products is very large. We can generally change and develop them according to customer needs. Most of Houper products are modular. They can be considered as total solution for all types of projects.

  • Telecommunication equipment
  • Network and transmission equipment
  • Data center equipment
  • Protective and security equipment
  • Safety equipment
  • Smart equipment and IOT

There are 101 products.

24 Port Managed POE Switch with 2 Gigabit SFP Port HOP3440S1226-2TP is a new generation Power over Ethernet switch with 24-Port 10/100/1000Base-TX and 2xGigabit uplink ports that provide stable and reliable Ethernet transmission. With high-quality design and reliability. It can supply power to PD terminal equipment such as wireless AP, webcam, VoIP, and visual intelligent building intercom through network cable and meet the network environment that needs a high-density PoE/PoE+ power supply. It is suitable for hotels, campuses, factory dormitories and small and medium-sized enterprises.

The Unmanaged Industrial Ethernet Switch is designed for small business industrial network applications. It provides an easy way to make the access point to Fast or Gigabit Ethernet. With a robust design, this switch is ideal for industrial or outdoor surveillance, withstanding the harshest conditions. The Industrial switch is Plug-and-Play, allowing for easy and quick deployment. It can optionally be mounted on a DIN-Rail or Wall Mount, making it suitable for various installation methods. An LED monitor displays information from Ethernet-connected devices such as IP cameras, wireless access points, or PC laptops

The HOP3508X OLT is an OLT control center with GPON, XGPON, XGSPON combo technology with a rate of 1 to 256 users, for advanced projects. With 8 combo ports and 8 10G uplinks and 2 100G uplinks and NMS accesses, it provides a wide range of network features for various solutions. Houper OLT center is able to connect to various brands of modems, switches and OLT with its reliability, stability and expandability. It supports all standard OLT protocols and provides many fast and easy features for programming and configuring the device. Among its other advantages, there is the reliable redundant power. Its medium dimensions makes it very suitable and economical for industrial, home, corporate and organizational projects.

The Medical HOP-M4897 all-in-one pc product is a versatile computer designed for use in the medical field. This computer is made of durable and high precision body material. Aluminum alloy is used in casting with the lowest error level. The product has a high quality touch screen that supports various operating systems including Windows 7, Windows 8/10, Linux and Ubuntu. Its screen can be non-touch, capacitive touch and resistive touch. The product is compatible with 99% of medical industrial software. It can work in wide temperatures. In addition, it can work for 7 days and 24 hours without interruption, high and stable performance in harsh conditions.

HOP28105 DVB-T/T2 modulator is our new product developed complying with the DVB-T/T2 standard. With its advanced modulating technology, this modulator can effectively make use of the ground spectrum resources and make it possible to provide reliable signals for fixed, mobile and portable devices. Compared with DVB-T, the channel capacity is increased by 30% under the similar carrier to noise ratio (CNR) threshold.
Moreover, this device can be upgraded and controlled through network system, which allows it to be widely used in setting up digital broadcasting network and provide good signals for scientific laboratory and DVB-T/T2 STB.

HOP28106 DTV head-end processor is the newest generation of professional head-end processing equipment. This 1-U case comes with 3 independent module slots, and it can be combined with different modules as your head-end system according to your operation requirements. Each module can be configured individually based on the applications including encoding, decoding, trans-coding, multiplexing, descrambling and modulating processing. HOP28106 head-end processor brings a whole new level of intelligence and high performance to the network at a cost effective price.

HOP28107 is a cost-effective agile modulator designed by Houper. It has 1 audio (L/R) and 1 video (CVBS) input. It gives 1 RF out (47~870MHz) through the RF output interface, and the output frequency is configurable. Audio and video source can be from satellite receiver, TV camera etc. With the features of low cost high performance, HOP28107 is very adaptable to hotel, community and entertainment spot.

Houper HOP28108 encoder is a Multi-Channel Encoder that converts HDMI and SDI input signals to IP. This advanced equipment has the ability to convert several HDMI and SDI channels to one or more IP channels. In addition, the device has the ability to convert all types of audio and video protocols to each other. It is capable of intelligently reducing noise, OSD and logo insertion in Full HD quality, compressing images and sounds, reducing bandwidth by 75%.

HOP28109 network encoder (Network Encoder Processor) is an encoding device for IP broadcasting. It is equipped with 8/16/24 HDMI channels input with MPEG-4 AVC/H.264 video encoding and LC-AAC or HE-AAC audio encoding. The signals source could be from STB, PC, TV and etc. It can transfer the live program through the internet/LAN, and gives IP out over UDP (Unicast/Multicast), SRT, RTSP, RTMP, HTTP and HLS, and the output signals are to be received by PC, phone and other mobile terminals. HOP28109 you access your IP STB, PC or TV anywhere to watch your programs.

HOP28110 is a professional bidirectional trans-coder to convert video between H.264 and MPEG-2 format and also to trans-code between HD and SD programs simultaneously. It is equipped with 6 tuner inputs to receive channels directly from satellite, or 6 ASI /8 IP inputs to receive digital channels. (HOP28110.1 is a simple version with 4 Tuners only or 4 ASI inputs only without IP input.) After trans-coding, it outputs MPTS & SPTS through the DATA port or ASI port.

HOP28111 is a professional bidirectional trans-coder to convert video between H.264 and MPEG-2 format and also to trans-code between HD and SD programs simultaneously. It is equipped with 4 tuner inputs to receive channels directly from satellite. And, each tuner is accompanied with a CAM/CI slot to descramble the encrypt content.
In addition, IP content can also be received and trans-coding processed. HOP28111.1 will at last output MPTS & SPTS through the DATA port (net port) or ASI port.

HOP28114 8in1/16in1 ISDB-T modulator is the latest generational Mux-modulating device developed by HOUPER. It has 8 (or16) multiplexing channels and ISDB-T modulating channels, and supports maximum 512 IP input through the 3 GE ports and 8 (or16) ISDB-T non-adjacent carriers (50MHz~960MHz) output through the RF output interface. The device is also characterized with high integrated level, high performance and low cost. This is very adaptable to newly generation DTV broadcasting system.