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R450C is a data center air cooling system used to increase the efficiency and productivity of servers and IT equipment. Its cooling capacity is up to 30 kW. It has a main power supply with a voltage of 380 V and a frequency of 50 Hz. You can select the water inlet and outlet temperature from 7 to 12 °C to 15 to 20 °C. This model of air conditioning is of the blue In Row type (chiller), meaning it is placed inside the row of servers and transfers cool air to the servers directly. R450C air conditioning system is designed for use in high-power data centers. You can connect it to thermal management systems. It is also possible to use communication tools such as modbus and lan for optimal control and management under BMS in this system. Its advanced functionality has made it an excellent choice in data center projects.

The R900C is an advanced data center cooling device designed for use in large data centers. It benefits from water air conditioning technology (like in chiller) to cool the ambient air. It can cool down large and spacious corridors, thanks to its 60 kW capacity. The R900C has a flexible design allowing it to be installed in any location. It has a powerful ventilation system that uses cold air inlet and outlet to cool down the environment optimally.

In addition, it has an intelligent control that allows the user to change the settings to optimize the performance and energy consumption remotely in the BAS. It works with a three-phase input of 380 V and a frequency of 50 Hz. The water inlet and outlet temperature can be adjusted in the ranges of 7-12 °C, 10-15 °C, 12-18 °C and 15-20 °C respectively.