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The GPS6000-PRO Time Receiver accurately synchronises your time server with international atomic standards. The GPS6000-PRO provides highly accurate time data. With 32 satellite parallel tracking and class-leading high performance design, the GNSS decoder supplies time data accurate to within 30 nsec of UTC. The user programmable cable delay compensation ensures timing accuracy is maintained, even over long cable runs.


  • High accuracy timing for your time server 
  • Reliable performance, even in weak signal and hostile RF environments 
  • 30 nsec timing accuracy 
  • Multi-constellation support (GPS/GLONASS/Galileo ready) 
  • Simple installation into your data centre using existing cat 5 structured cabling

The MC2000 addresses the challenges of time synchronisation across multiple or large networks. With two fully independent network ports, flexible synchronisation options and reliable performance, the MC2000 is the solution for secure enterprise grade timing on large networks. The MC2000 provides high accuracy timing across two independent networks. With its triple processor architecture and high performance design, the MC2000 dual LAN NTP server enables the accurate synchronisation of devices across multiple networks. The high stability TCXO ensures timing accuracy is maintained, even during periods of antenna synchronisation loss.