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STEGO develops and manufactures products for control cabinet climatisation with innovative functions and intelligent design. Our products help users adjust the temperature and humidity perfectly to the conditions in their specific installation space. Our solutions are characterised by their small footprint, high serviceability, certified safety standards and, above all, a long service life due to their outstanding and sustainable quality.

STEGO is “SIMPLY INNOVATIVE. BETTER FOR SURE." If you have any sensitive electronic components that need to be protected from the cold, heat and moisture.

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The German STEGO heater has a heater with a small body and an internal fan, with part number CSL028. Using a PTC heating element, it prevents the formation of moisture inside electrical and control cabinets with high component density. Its touch-safe plastic case ensures the safety of users by providing heat protection. This product is widely used in instrument control boards, electronic and electrical equipment and systems, as well as data center cooling system boards. It is one of the widely used spare parts of Schneider brand datacenter cooling systems, including chillers.