L9N EURO VI Cummins Engine
  • L9N EURO VI Cummins Engine
  • L9N EURO VI Cummins Engine

L9N EURO VI Cummins Engine

The Cummins L9N EURO VI engine is a powerful and advanced engine designed for use in buses and heavy trucks in Europe.

The power of the engine is between 280 to 320 hp and the output power is 209 to 239 kW. The maximum torque of the engine is 1000 lb-ft or 1356 Nm.

Cummins L9N EURO VI FOR EUROPE engine has been able to meet the strict European environmental standards with the help of advanced EURO VI technology. By using this engine, it is possible to reduce air pollution and the discharge of dangerous gases such as nitrogen oxide and suspended particles.

In addition, it has high safety standards and advanced capabilities such as electronic control, and monitoring systems. With its long life and high durability, the engine is an ideal choice for the heavy transport vehicles.



Latest design enhancements to the L9N natural gas engine have achieved close-to-zero emission levels, below that of the Euro VI standard. This leap forward is achieved while retaining the simplicity of a passive ‘fit and forget’ aftertreatment. Sharing the same engine block as the high-strength L9 diesel brings the benefit of 80 percent component commonality between the two engines. Ideally suited for bus, coach and truck applications with cleaner and quieter operation.


  • Lower carbon footprint: The L9N can operate on CNG or LNG fuel with a lower carbon footprint than diesel and is fully compatible with renewable natural gas (RNG) or biogas, offering the option of fleet decarbonization.
  • Enhanced electronic control module: This allows smart logic and faster processing speed aligned with high precision sensors and a more efficient ignition module performance.
  • Efficient combustion: Reaches the ideal stoichiometric combustion point for natural gas faster, and then maintain that more consistently across the engine operating speed.
  • Three-way catalyst (TWC): Featuring a larger catalytic surface area for more effective emissions controls and requires no AdBlue injection, cleaning or maintenance intervention.
  • Global availability: The L9N is available in versions to meet all emission regulations worldwide.


Displacement : 8.9-litre

 Architecture: EGR and Wastegate Turbocharger

Ratings Range: 209-239 kW / 280-320 hp

Peak Torque: 1356 Nm @ 1300 rpm

Dry Weight: 737 kg

Size L x W x H: 1125 x 956 x 1167 mm

Oil Drain Interval: Up to 1,500 hours

Up to 36,000 km (city bus) or

60,000 km (intercity/coach)


Data sheet content


8.9 litres
Fuel Type
Euro VI



Displacement 8.9 litres
Fuel Type Diesel
Certification Euro VI