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The ebm-papst group is a global specialist in wind turbines and motors, founded in 1963 by Gerhard Sturm and Heinz Ziehl. Today ebm-papst has nearly 20,000 different products, which can be widely used in many industries such as ventilation, air conditioning, refrigeration, household appliances, heating, automotive and drive technology.

The ebm-papst fan (fan ebmpapst) include the following types,•ebm-papst compact fans (ebm compact fans, ebm papst compact fans)•ebm-papst axial fans (axial fan ebm-papst, ebm axial fans)•ebm-papst centrifugal fans (ebm centrifugal fans, ebm papst centrifugal fans)

German ebm-papst fans have been the benchmark in electronics cooling for decades and are available in a variety of designs: axial, centrifugal or diagonal. *For each type, ebm-papst offers various types of fans, including AC, DC or GreenTech EC, for all voltages and all standard sizes. New EC centrifugal fans (ebm-papst EC fans) deliver higher power and efficiency.*They also offer many additional functions via pre-installed electronics and can be intelligently networked with associated device logic.

The ebm-papst 24vdc fan, ebm-papst 24v fan, and ebm-papst 230v fan are popular on the market. Ebm-papst also provides ebm papst tangential blowers, ebmpapst blowers (ebm blowers), ebm centrifugal blowers, valves, pumps, etc.

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The German EBM fan with part number 2218F (2TDH4P) or OM9848B is a three-phase fan with very smooth and high performance. It works with direct voltage (DC) and nominal voltage of 48 volts. Its nominal voltage range is between 36 and 72 volts. Its speed is 6500 rpm and its input power is 103 W. The minimum ambient temperature of this product is -20 °C and the maximum ambient temperature is 65 °C. The air flow is 1220 m3/h, and the sound power level is 8.2 dB. Its sound pressure level is 72 dB. One of its applications is in data center cooling system and in Schneider\'s 30 cm inrows called INROW ACRC301. It is one of the important spare parts of large data centers for inrows. Its L10 service life is 70,000 hours at 40 °C.

Fan control board 641-0868 is used in INROW ACRC301S cooler. It controls the 2218 F/2TDH40R fan, which is a 48 volt fan with a power of 102 watts, and a current of 2.13 amps. This practical part is responsible for controlling and monitoring the ambient temperature with an NTC resistor. If needed, the fuse cuts off in the control circuit, and removes the fan from the circuit. It is one of the important spare parts of Schneider machines in data centers.

The German EBM brand fan is a three-phase fan with a very smooth and high performance with part number R3G400-AK53-05. The German EBM brand fan with part number R3G400-AK53-05 has a Motor M3G112-EA, which operates in three phases with a nominal voltage of 400 VAC. The nominal voltage range for this product is between 380 and 480 VAC and its frequency is 50/60 Hz. The motor speed (rpm) is equal to 1880 round per minute and the produced air flow is 3505 cubic meters per hour (m³/h).