The C380D5P diesel generator, part of the QSN14 series by Cummins, features the QSN14-G2 engine with 6 cylinders. Cummins has chosen the Stamford HCl444E model for the alternator of this generator. The Cummins controller PSO602 is utilized for process control in the C380D5P diesel generator. This generator has an output voltage of 415 volts, operates at a frequency of 50 Hz, and is a three-phase diesel generator. The C380D5P diesel generator belongs to the SILENT TYPE category.


Latest Technology Product with Global Cummins Platform 

• The Cummins® QSN14 series rugged engine and world class Stamford alternator powered diesel generator set 

• Class defining Quantum engine technology with fully integrated subsystem 

• Advanced in-cylinder technology to meet latest emission norms without any after-treatment device

• Smart aesthetic and superior finish 

• Compact in size with optimum power to weight ratio

Environment Friendly Power 

• Class defining technology engine is designed to meet stringent exhaust emission tests as per revised MoEF norms, thus offering environment friendly power. 

• The Cummins® diesel generator sets are available with the lowest noise levels in its range

Lowest Operating Cost and Comprehensive Warranty 

• Highly reliable and durable product 

• All elements are designed to work together to maximize efficiency even at part loads, offering the advantage of lowest operating costs. 

• 500 Hours/ 1 year service interval 

• Industry acknowledged best-in-class comprehensive warranty on the entire package including rubber components

Single Source Power Assurance 

• All the major components – the engine, alternator, control system and canopy are designed, manufactured and tested by Cummins India. 

• Best and largest customer support network in India, 

• Capable of providing round-the-clock service and spares support 

• All these things put together, Cummins® offers you SINGLE SOURCE POWER ASSURANCE


• Cummins® QSN14 series, 6 cylinder, In-line 4 stroke, radiator cooled engine 

• Full Authority Electronic Engine

• Well designed air handling system with 

— Dry type, Replacable paper element air cleaner with restriction indicator 

 — Air to air aftercooling 

— Optimised turbocharger for increased altitude capabilities  

• Best in class fuel economy with 

- CELECT fuel system with A1  class electronic governing 

- Dual fuel filter system: Pre filter including water separator and Water In Fuel (WI F) sensor and main filter

• Electrical lift pump for faster response

• Standard integral set-mounted radiator system, designed and tested for 50°C ambient temperatures 

• Full flow spin on lube oil filter

• Plate type lube oil cooler

• First fill of lube oil and coolant 

• Electrical starter motor with soft start engagement feature 

• Battery charging alternator 

• 2 X 12 V DC battery



• Stamford HC alternator frames from cummins Generator Technologies 

• Brushless type, Screen protected, Revolving field, Self excited alternator conforming to IS/IEC 60034-1

• 3 Phase  reconnectable winding with 12 terminals brought out for connection  

• Better motor starting capability 

• Best in class efficiency 

• Compact design with sealed bearings for longer life and lesser maintenance 

• Impregnation on all wound components for better mechanical strength  


PSO602 Features


Cummins® PowerStart™ PSO602 control is a microprocessor based generator set monitoring, metering and control system with LCD display designed to meet the demands of today's engine driven generator sets 

• AMF Functionality 

Electronic Governing 

• CAN (J1939) Compatible 

• Sync Compatible (Capable to accept external speed signal from 3rd party sync controller) 

• Intuitive operator interface which includes LED backlit 128X64 pixel graphic display with tactile feel soft- switches & generator set status LED lamps. 

• Remote start-stop 

• Engine Metering: Oil pressure, Engine temperature, battery voltage, Engine running hours 

• AC Alternator Metering: L-L Voltage and L-N Voltage, 

• Current (phase and total), kVA (phase and total), Frequency, kWH, kW and kVA (phase and total), PF, Utility Voltage and Freq. 

• Engine Protection: Low lube oil pressure, High/ Low coolant temperature, Battery Over/ Under/ Weak Volts, Fail to Crank/ Start, Sensor failure, Cranking lockout. 

• AC Alternator Protection: Over/ Under Voltage, Over/ Under Frequency, Loss of AC Sensing, Over speed, Over Current. 

• Data Logging: Engine Hours, Control Hours and upto 5 recent fault codes 

• Configurable glow plug control 

• 12/24 Volt DC operation 

• Sleepmode 

• Mod bus interface (RS485 RTU) 

• In Power compatible (PC based service tool) 

• Certifications - meets the requirement of relevant ISO, EN, Mil Std. and CE standards Maintenance due alarm based on Engine Run Time and due date 

• Exerciser scheduler


•  Hospital grade silencer with rain cap suitably optimised to meet stringent noise emission standards laid down by MoEF / CPCB

Mounting Arrangement 

• Engine and alternator are mounted on a common MS fabricated base frame with AVM pads.  

• Base frame with integral fuel tank is provided with drain plug, air vent, inlet and outlet connection, level indicator and provision for cleaning


• Engine: Coolant heater , Heat exchanger

• Alternator: PMG

• Control Panel: PC3.3,

 -Bargraph For PC3.3 Panel with kW, Power factor, Frequency, Current, Voltage

- Remote HMI.

Acoustic Enclosure 

• Specially designed to meet stringent MoEF/ CPCB norms of 75 dBA @ 1mtr at 75% load under free field conditions 

• The acoustic enclosure is made of CRCA sheets in munsel green shade and a structural/ sheet metal base frame painted in black. 

• High quality noise absorbant and fire-retardant grade acoustic Insulation material (P.U. Foam) complying to IS 8183 

• Two point lifting for easy handling at customer site

• Designed to have optimum serviceability 

• Air inlet louvers specially designed to operate at rated load 

• Made on special purpose CNC machines for consistency in quality and workmanship 

• 11 tank pretreatment process and UV resistant Powder Coating of all parts to withstand extreme environment 

• Use of special hardware for longer life 

• Flush styling - no projections 

• Fluid drains for lube oil and fuel 

• Fuel filling arrangement inside the enclosure

Diesel Generator
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Data sheet content


Control System
Available Voltages
(50Hz) 415 V
6 cylinder , In-line 4 stroke
14 litre
Frequency (Hz)
Output power (kW / kVA)
380KVA / 304KWe
Starting voltage
24 V DC Electrical



Control System PS0602
Available Voltages (50Hz) 415 V
Configuration 6 cylinder, In-line 4 stroke
Displacement 14 litre
Frequency (Hz) 50
Output power (kW / kVA) 380KVA / 304KWe
Starting voltage 24 V DC Electrical
Stroke 152
Bore 140
Certification MOEF