4 zona HOU-WM6003 metal aşkarlama təhlükəsizlik qapısı
  • 4 zona HOU-WM6003 metal aşkarlama təhlükəsizlik qapısı

4 zona HOU-WM6003 metal aşkarlama təhlükəsizlik qapısı

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Houper metal detector, part number HOU-WM6003, can be used in entrances and public places to prevent crimes and security threats. It can prevent the entry of hot and cold weapons such as guns, knives, cartridges and grenades. An infrared sensor is located inside it. When the infrared waves hit the metal surface, their energy is absorbed. The remaining waves are radiated towards the alarm sensor. Then, the sensor analyzes the waves. If it finds a metal near you, it will alert you. This series of devices have systematic designs. They only need 20 minutes to install or disassemble. The display is divided into six zones. Each zone can be adjusted and controlled separately. The purpose of dividing zones is higher accuracy in detection and differentiation between metals.


Such systems often include different detection zones that are combined together. Each detection zone provides information about the availability of metal in that zone.

Function and characteristics:

Six independent zones: Allocation of six mutual over-lapping detecting areas, accurately ascertain the location of the metal articles.

Alarm area indication: There is an instruction light in alarm area which equals to the height of a person on the right side of the gate,and equipped sound, it is so clear at first sight that rapidly promote work efficiency.

Adjustable area sensitive: The maximum sensitivity can detect such metal as small as a clip. Each detecting area has 255 sensitive gears, and can adjust sensitivity automatically, Predetermine the weight, volume, size and location of the metal article, Eliminate the false alarm caused by coins, keys, jewelries and leather bell buttons and so on.

Digital circuit: design prevents from missing alarm, and have strong anti-interference to outer surroundings, the rate of the false alarm is controlled within 1%.

Password protection: The gate is protected with password, only en-powered person permitted to operate.

Statistic function: Intellectual rate of flow of passer and alarm counter can calculate the number Of passer and alarm times.

Harmless to human body: Using sensitive metal detecting technology is harmless to heartbeat implement in human body, pregnant women, magnetic soft wares, tapes and video recording tapes.

Convenience in Installation: SUNLEADER series are systematic designs, need only 20 minutes to install or dismantle, and equip VCD training disk and operation instruction with the machine.

Main Advantages: 

Applying most advanced digital detecting technology in the world, XINLIDAHONG metal detecting gate is for the detection of metal and alloy articles concealed in human body. It is highly safe, widely applicable and highly sensitive with a wide detecting range and a good anti-interference capability. It can work intellectually around the clock and give alarm both in sound and light simultaneously. The quality, effect and specifications are up-to-date in the world.The sensitivity of XINLIDAHONG digital metal detecting gate is adjustable. In the highest volume, articles as small as a paper clip can be detected and located. The user can configure the gate according to the size and weight of the article for detection to exclude err alarm for coins, keys, jewelries, belt buckles etc.

Application places:

It is applicable in the places such as factories, mines, banks, luxuries houses etc., where expensive metal articles may get lost easily; and places such as airport, customhouse, jails, exhibition halls, where dangerous metal articles are prohibited.


  • Economics style.
  • Data metal detector door.
  • Infrared technique.
  • 6 independent zones


Technical specifications:

Electric current: 220V


Outer frame: 2200mm(h)X830mm(w)X580mm(d)

Outer frame: 2010mm(h)X700mm(w)X580mm(d)

Weight: 70kg

Work environment: -20℃- +45℃

Complied standards: GB15210-94

Metal detector
100 articles

Data sheet content

X RAY-Metal Detection

Alarm adjustab
Detecting Zone
4 zones
password protectio
factories , mines , banks , luxuries houses , airport , customhouse , jails , exhibition halls
Power supply
Infrared technology

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X RAY-Metal Detection

Alarm adjustab Yes
Detecting Zone 4 zones
password protectio Yes
Place factories, mines, banks, luxuries houses, airport, customhouse, jails, exhibition halls
Power supply 220V
Infrared technology Yes