HOU-MDT836103-4 metal detektoru
  • HOU-MDT836103-4 metal detektoru

HOU-MDT836103-4 metal detektoru

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Houper Metal detection device, part number HOU-MDT836103-4, has many uses in entrances and public places. It can prevent contaminated materials, narcotics, and cold and hot weapons such as guns and knives to be carried into such places. Substance detection devices in public places usually use technologies such as odor detection, radio wave detection, and X-ray detection. High sensitivity in the material detection device means the detection of the smallest amount of substance. This feature allows the detection of substances at very low and sensitive levels which is not doable by other equipment. The high-speed VUV light soft ionization technique is used in the substance detection device. This technique uses a VUV light to produce very high infrared rays.


The devices consist of a series of sensors and precise equipment that are able to automatically detect the substance in samples.


High sensitivity:Can detect at least 100 Nanogram black powder, including fireworks and civil homemade explosives

High speed Indentify VUV lamp soft ionization technique,non-radioactive Advanced migration tube design ensures high resolution;

Automatic cleaning system can prevent inject pollutio

Applicable liquid packaging materials Capable of detecting liquids packed in different materials such as iron, aluminum, plastic, glass and ceramics

Detectable hazardous liquid categories Flammable, explosive, corrosive hazardous liquids Metal cans (iron, aluminum cans) < 50mm diameter < 66mm

Amount of liquid in the bottle/tank2100ml

Detectable effective distance 30mm (from the bottom of the container)

Hazardous liquid display The indicator light is red with a long buzzer sound

Metal detector
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