Təhlükəsizlik əl metal detektoru HOU-MDT836098
  • Təhlükəsizlik əl metal detektoru HOU-MDT836098

Təhlükəsizlik əl metal detektoru HOU-MDT836098

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Houper HOU-MDT836098 metal detector rocket has many uses in entrances and public places. It helps us to prevent the hot and cold weapons such as guns and knives to be carried into such places. The weight of the device is only 220 g. and its length is 37 cm. Other features of the rocket include sensitivity and search depth setup, LED lighting for use in low light conditions, display of necessary information and warnings. The rocket could be adjusted in three different speeds, which allows the user to operate it in different conditions, and adjust its performance according to his needs. In addition, the rocket is designed in a way that allows the user to use it comfortably and easily. The handle of the device is ergonomic. It is made in an optimal way using advanced design technologies.


The device has a charging socket. The charging port in the handheld metal detector rocket allows the user to easily charge the battery using a charger.


220g super light weight, designed for long time operation.

37 cm in length, reducing concerns about human rights violations.

Streamlined ergonomic handle, easy to operate and comfortable to handle.

The latest components and patch technology reduce battery loss.

Alarm mode: vibration or sound and light; three- speed switch design. There is a reset switch design.

Detection distance: 1 yuan coin 8cm, dagger 15cm.

Power supply: use a 9V alkaline battery or rechargeable battery, and the body is equipped with a charging socket.

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