HOP28105 DVB-T modulyatoru
  • HOP28105 DVB-T modulyatoru
  • HOP28105 DVB-T modulyatoru
  • HOP28105 DVB-T modulyatoru
  • HOP28105 DVB-T modulyatoru

HOP28105 DVB-T modulyatoru

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HOP28105 DVB-T/T2 modulator is our new product developed complying with the DVB-T/T2 standard. With its advanced modulating technology, this modulator can effectively make use of the ground spectrum resources and make it possible to provide reliable signals for fixed, mobile and portable devices. Compared with DVB-T, the channel capacity is increased by 30% under the similar carrier to noise ratio (CNR) threshold.
Moreover, this device can be upgraded and controlled through network system, which allows it to be widely used in setting up digital broadcasting network and provide good signals for scientific laboratory and DVB-T/T2 STB.



Fully complying with EN302 755 and EN300 744 standard
2ASI input ports
2 IP input over UDP protocol
10MHz input/loop out, 1PPS input/loop out
DVB-T/T2 RF out in one device
Supports single PLP
Support MISO and SISO
Support MFN net mode
Supports non-linear digital pre-distortion (DPD)
Constant temperature crystal oscillator, as high as 0.1ppm stability
Support PID bypass and pass-through(option)
Keyboard operation and LCD display
Web Network management system

TS input over 2 ASI and 2 IP port (UDP)
10MHz reference clock input and loop out, BNC interface
1PPS input and loop out, BNC interface

128 input per channel
PID remapping (automatically or manually)
Accurate PCR adjusting
Generate PSI/SI table automatically

RF Out
RF range 150~999Mhz, 1hz stepping
Output level ATT -15~+5 dBm, 0.1db stepping
MER > 43db
Shoulder Level >56dB

LCD display, keyboard and web Network management
Supporting software upgrading through network

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