PT60 portativ rəngli Doppler ultrasəs
  • PT60 portativ rəngli Doppler ultrasəs
  • PT60 portativ rəngli Doppler ultrasəs
  • PT60 portativ rəngli Doppler ultrasəs
  • PT60 portativ rəngli Doppler ultrasəs

PT60 portativ rəngli Doppler ultrasəs

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Compact Touch Color Doppler Ultrasound is a portable medical ultrasound imaging device. It is used for diagnosing and imaging the defects and disorders in the internal organs of the human body. This device uses color Doppler technology for imaging blood flow in various vessels and organs. PT60 offers a new level of intuitive performance, innovative tools to increase productivity and powerful processing in on-site care. The result is a new level of performance and image quality.


Using a BPU60 purpose-built ultrasound transducer, oocytes and antral follicles can be aspirated transvaginally from live animals. Studies performed on horses in 2015 showed that repeated transvaginal aspiration of follicles did not adversely affect fertility in subsequent cycles. On average, you can expect to harvest 10-15 oocytes per session and could get as many as six embryos from the harvested oocytes in both cattle and horses.

BMV new OPU transducer is the smallest of its kind on the market, allowing it to be used in heifers and even young mares. The transducer measures 61.5cm in length and connects to the ultrasound unit with a 200cm cable. The transducer is lightweight, weighing less than 1kg, and is easily guided with one hand. With 128 elements and a frequency band of 5.0-7.5MHz, the OPU transducer allows accurate visualization with very high resolution. The OPU transducer is a transducer with a 25mm field of view and a 150° angle across which the crystals are spread. This allows a wide view angle and easy visualization of the whole ovary in a single image.

Although primarily indicated for use in follicle aspiration and ovum pick up, the OPU transducer can also be used in aspirating cystic ovaries in female animals. The OPU transducer can be used with short and long needles and includes cannulas for use with needles from 12 to 18 gauge. As an all-in-one transducer, there are no loose parts or screws that need to be undone in order for the transducer to be cleaned. This allows for quick assembly with the needle guide and fast disinfection between animals.

When using the OPU transducer in conjunction with the BPU60 unit, follicles as small as 2mm can be visualized and aspirated.

All accessories and replacement parts for both the OPU transducer and the ultrasound units are available.

More Application

The BPU60 has a two-hour battery life, and with a linear rectal transducer, it can be used for routine rectal ultrasound in cattle and horses. Linear and curved linear transducers are available for other applications including small animal abdominal and equine tendon ultrasound.

Comprehensive Clinical Application Solutions

  • Automatic trace on PW frequency map
  • Real-time dual-display 2D images and color flow images
  • Measurement packages of all parts meet with clinical needs of different applications
  • Double transducer port is designed to meet the different clinical applications
  • Large capacity removable built-in battery supports longtime outdoor operation
  • Standard hardware connectors can transmit data to the peripheral equipment
  • Built-in workstation helps quickly searching patient data and reviewing cines, which facilitates the doctor’s operation
  • Abundant Accessories

Micro Convex

Abdominal probe for reproduction and MSK. Can be used on horses, dogs, cats


The external probe used for examining tendons, MSK and orthopedics. For use on horses, dogs, cats


The abdominal probe used for reproduction, 30 cm depth. Can be used for horses, swine and small ruminants

 OPU Probe

Ovum pick up probe. For use on cows and mares

 Linear Rectal

Linear rectal probe that can be used on cows and horses


Completely adjustable, with large wheels, for smooth and safe transportation.

Travel case

A dedicated customized travel case either for roll along or as a rucksack.

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