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    BPU60 Portable Color Doppler Ultrasound machine is a portable ultrasound machine with ergonomic design and high frequency technology. It provides all the power needed for today\'s challenging clinical environment, and remains highly portable and affordable. With advanced imaging technology, comprehensive functions, precise and understandable workflow, ergonomic and eco-friendly design, multi-purpose transducers for body scanning for use in various clinical departments, such as emergency, hospitals, clinics, exits, etc., we confidently believe the BPU60 is the best portable full body ultrasound machine in its class.

    Nurses and doctors can continuously monitor the vital parameters of patient in real time by BMO320 portable monitor. They can monitor parameters such as ECG, RESP, TEMP, HR/PR, NIBP, SpO2, EtCO2, Oxy-CRG, AG, 2-IBP for infants and adults. The patient monitor and life support for spot testing allows continuous observation and monitoring of the patient condition. This device is specially designed for babies and hospital wards that require special care. It is made to monitor vital parameters such as heart rate, blood pressure, oxygen level and carbon dioxide level in the blood.

    MX9 Color Doppler Specialty Scanners is one of the newest and smallest medical imaging products. This ultrasound machine is portable and can be carried inside the pocket. The scanners are used as an important tool in diagnosing diseases, and evaluating the health status of patients. One of the outstanding features of the product is the color doppler, which allows doctors to observe the blood flow in the vessels and internal organs of the body. This pocket device has 14 different models. Its battery works up to 4 hours. It provides doctors with ideal images for diagnosis. The advanced software can be installed on a mobile phone, tablet or computer to communicate with the device and view images online.

    The powerful ultrasound technology of MX300 Touch can be used in many clinical, hospital or medical practices, and it can easily be moved from one room to another. It may be particularly useful for physicians in today\'s busy environment, who specialize in critical care, women\'s health, as well as hospitals, in addition to primary care. This touch-screen ultrasound machine has a high resolution, and a scanning depth of 30 cm. It has an internal memory to store images and patient files.

    PT50C is developed from advanced technologies and ergonomic concept for next generation imaging systems. The device can be used in all medical applications. It has simple touch and recognition to save time. This simple operation improves productivity, increases disease recognition progress, and reduces much of the user learning curve. The PT50C is one of the world\'s lightest portable three-port probe ultrasound devices, providing excellent image quality in clinics, hospitals or operating environments through multiple examinations. This smart ultrasound device has been widely distributed in more than 20 countries, including countries in developed and semi-developed markets.

    Compact Touch Color Doppler Ultrasound is a portable medical ultrasound imaging device. It is used for diagnosing and imaging the defects and disorders in the internal organs of the human body. This device uses color Doppler technology for imaging blood flow in various vessels and organs. PT60 offers a new level of intuitive performance, innovative tools to increase productivity and powerful processing in on-site care. The result is a new level of performance and image quality.