Rütubət Sensoru 8ft W0N-0865
  • Rütubət Sensoru 8ft W0N-0865

Rütubət Sensoru 8ft W0N-0865

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The continuous and accurate measurement of temperature and humidity is very important due to the high sensitivity of data centers environment to temperature and humidity. Therefore, with very accurate measuring devices, the necessary signals are always given to the system for the required controls. The W0N-0865 humidity sensor is used in the Schneider brand INROW ACRC602P cooler. It can be installed on a special base. This sensor converts the humidity of the environment into an electrical signal. It provides control circuits to adjust the humidity of the environment by activating or deactivating the fans. The cable length of the sensor is about 2.5 meters.


It transmits the signal output to the relevant circuits with the network connector. It is one of the important spare parts of Schneider machines in data centers.

          Maximal RH-tolerance at 25°C per sensor type.                                   Maximal T-tolerance per sensor type.

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