ClimaSys CC bipolyar termostat
  • ClimaSys CC bipolyar termostat

ClimaSys CC bipolyar termostat

817,00 ₺

The ClimaSys CC is a bipolar thermostat in the ClimaSys product category. This thermostat can adjust the temperature within the ranges of 0 to 60 °C in heating, cooling and ventilation systems. The temperature is displayed in Fahrenheit. The thermostat works with an input voltage of 250 volts and uses bimetal type. The type of contact and its combination is 1NO/NC (normally open and closed) and the contact resistance is 10 milliohms. The service life of this thermostat is 100,000 cycles. This thermostat is one of the most widely used equipment for activating fans in various systems and ventilating panels and devices. It is widely used in Schneider chillers in data centers. It is one of the spare parts of data center air conditioners.

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