محرك الكمون X15
  • محرك الكمون X15
  • محرك الكمون X15

محرك الكمون X15

يکون محرک کامینز X15 PERFORMANCE SERIES (2021)  أحد المنتجات الأعلی والمتقدمة لشركة کامینز. مع أخذ النظر إلی التقنيات المتفوقة التي تم استخدامها فی هذا المحرک، فهو قادر على أن یقدم أداء لا مثيل له.

ويکون هذا المحرك أحد المنتجات القوية لشركة کامینزالذي قادر على تقديم أداء قوي للغاية ومتمكن بقوة تتراوح بين 525 إلی565 قدرة حصانیة وقوة تتراوح بين 391 إلی421 كيلوواط. ومن حيث عزم الدوران، يحصل هذا المحرك علی قيم تتراوح بين 1650 إلی2050 باوند - قدم وبين 2237 إلی2779 نيوتن - متر. 

فضلا عن ذلك، يتمتع محرك X15 بأنظمة التحكم والمراقبة المتقدمة التي تتيح للمستخدمين إمكانية عرض أداء المحرك والتحكم فيه بدقة. بشكل عام، يکون محرک کامینز X15 PERFORMANCE SERIES (2021) مع قوته وطاقته غير العادية، خيارًا مناسبًا للغاية لتطبيقات مختلفة، بما في ذلك المركبات الثقيلة، والحافلات والآلات الثقيلة.


In general, the Cummins X15 PERFORMANCE SERIES (2021) engine is a very suitable choice for various applications, including heavy vehicles, buses and heavy machinery, with its extraordinary power and strength.

The Power to Perform

A refreshed X15 Performance Series is new to 2021 and designed to meet EPA and Greenhouse Gas Phase 2 requirements. While the X15 Performance Series is being updated from the 2017 version, many hardware changes have been in production since 2020 with the X15 Efficiency Series. Built with Uptime, improved Total Cost of Ownership and Ease of Operations in mind, the 2021 X15 Performance Series is the first choice for drivers that need the power to perform.


The 2021 X15 Performance Series incorporated key product improvements launched with the 2020 X15 Efficiency Series and builds off the most successful product launch in Cummins history. With the best “Percent Zero Touch” and lowest “Touches Per Thousand” metrics to date, Cummins expects the trend to continue with the 2021 X15 product lineup. 

Cummins offers the longest service intervals in the industry – keeping you on the road and out of the service bay.

Lower Total Cost of Ownership

Providing up to a 2% fuel economy improvement can go a long way in reducing the amount of money spent of fuel per year. Add in the strongest engine brakes in the industry, and better lug-back capabilities to keep drivers in top gear longer, the X15 Performance Series gives you the power you need, with the fuel economy you always wanted. And with the longest service intervals in the industry, you’ll spend less money on maintaining your equipment and get more out of it.

Ease of Operation

The X15 Performance Series has been optimized for heavy-haul, premium linehaul, and performance-oriented customers in mind. With three ratings designed for the traditional over-the-road customer, and up to 605 horsepower with the Productivity Series ratings, spec’ing the right rating for your operation has never been easier. And with Cummins PowerSpec Web, you can compare and configure your powertrain online.

To help drivers operate more efficiently, the X15 Performance Series now offers powertrain features like SmartCoast and Predictive Cruise Control for compatible powertrains.

Features & Benefits

  • VGT Turbocharger – Highly reliable and precise design for rapid acceleration
  • XPI Fuel System – High pressure enables multiple injection events per cycle for industry-leading fuel economy and quieter operation 
  • Single-Module™ Aftertreatment System – A compact and lightweight system that offers increased ash capacity and extended maintenance intervals 
  • Fleetguard Fuel and Lube Filters – Superior holding capacity provides better protection and enables longer service intervals 
  • High-Capacity Electronic Control Module – This allows full integration of data inputs from all subsystems, optimizing performance
  • Cummins Engine Brake – With up to 600 braking horsepower, it’s the most powerful in the industry. Stronger braking capacity reduces wear on service brakes and replacement costs






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