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    The B6.7 FOR MEDIUM-DUTY TRUCK (2021) is a powerful and high-performance engine designed for light and semi-heavy trucks. The B6.7 engine has advanced technology and offers power between 200 and 325 hp or 149 and 242 kW. The engine works as an effective and high-performance unit. It is capable of meeting your transportation and business needs. With an attractive appearance and a unique design, the engine has all the necessary features and capabilities for optimal operation in transportation. Using advanced technologies and high quality materials, it is designed to withstand harsh driving conditions.

    Powered by a 6.7-liter turbocharged engine, it gives you the ability to accelerate quickly, and offer an outstanding performance.

    Cummins X15 PERFORMANCE SERIES (2021) engine is one of the top and advanced products of Cummins Company. Thanks to the superior technologies used in this engine, it is able to provide unparalleled performance.

    The engine is one of the powerful products of the Cummins Company. It can provide a very strong and powerful performance by a power between 525 and 565 hp and 391 and 421 kW. In terms of torque, the engine can produce a torque between 1,650 and 2,050 lb-ft and 2,237 and 2,779 Nm.

    In addition, the X15 engine has advanced control and monitoring systems that allow users to accurately view and control the its performance.

    The Cummins GTA38GCE GAS COMPRESSION APPLICATIONS is a powerful engine for gas compression applications with an output power of 760 hp or 567 kW. It is used in industrial applications related to gas pressure, especially in oil, gas and petrochemical industries.

    As a gas engine, Cummins GTA38GCE is used to compress natural, industrial, and other types of gases. With high power and strong performance, it is capable of creating high pressure in gases, and providing energy for various processes in industries.

    Using advanced and reliable gas pressure systems, it provides its users with high power and performance, economic efficiency, and stability in operation.

    Cummins ISL FOR EURO TRUCK & BUS engine is one of the best and most powerful engines available for trucks and buses in Europe. The engine has been designed and built using advanced technologies and high quality components to provide unparalleled performance in tough driving conditions.

    It has a power between 206 and 395 hp (154 and 295 kW), supporting an excellent performance and increased power in heavy vehicles such as trucks and buses.

    In addition, the Cummins ISL FOR EURO TRUCK & BUS engine has a torque range of 1143 to 1260 lb-ft (1550 to 1708 Nm), which shows its power and ability to pull and carry heavy loads.

    The Cummins L9N EURO VI engine is a powerful and advanced engine designed for use in buses and heavy trucks in Europe.

    The power of the engine is between 280 to 320 hp and the output power is 209 to 239 kW. The maximum torque of the engine is 1000 lb-ft or 1356 Nm.

    Cummins L9N EURO VI FOR EUROPE engine has been able to meet the strict European environmental standards with the help of advanced EURO VI technology. By using this engine, it is possible to reduce air pollution and the discharge of dangerous gases such as nitrogen oxide and suspended particles.

    In addition, it has high safety standards and advanced capabilities such as electronic control, and monitoring systems. With its long life and high durability, the engine is an ideal choice for the heavy transport vehicles.